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New Course: Portland Class 2015

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New Course: Advanced ASD Diagnostics and System Design

New Course: Inspecting Radon Mitigation Systems during a Home Inspection

New Course: Difficult To Mitigate Houses

  Welcome to the Western Regional Radon Training Center at the University of Colorado, an EPA established training center and one of the four Regional Radon Training Centers (RRTC) in the consortium of EPA established training centers. This site contains information about our course offerings, certifications, staff, and other programs.

   The Western Regional Radon Training Center was created as a consequence of the Indoor Radon Abatement Act, approved by Congress in the late 1980's. The center was moved by Region 8 EPA in 1995 to the campus of the University of Colorado and Colorado Springs, where it still resides, and Dr. James F. Burkhart was named its director. The Western Regional Radon Training Center (WRRTC) has offered many specialized courses in radon (i.e.; radon in water, radon reduction systems for new homes, measurement and mitigation courses for school personnel, etc.). You will also find that we offer a variety of on-line, video, and mail courses for professionals needing continuing education credits for NEHA and/or NRSB certifications.

   Our Radon measurement and mitigation courses are routinely offered on the campus at the University of Colorado, located in Colorado Springs. Our stand-alone measurement course is taught over a two day period, on a Friday and a Saturday. This means that a working professional can attend our class and, usually, only give up one working day (the Friday). As a courtesy, we offer the NEHA certification exam and send it to NEHA for grading. We also arrange our schedule so that the certification exam is given on the second day and the student does not have to come back on a third day simply to take the exam. This also saves a working day for the busy professional. Finally, students taking the measurement course from us get to experience an actual working charcoal cannister, E-perm, apha track detector and radon in water lab. Also, all of the standard continuousradon monitors and working level monitors are utilized. Past students have reported that the course is much more meaningful when they actually get to see and handle the instruments as we do here at WRRTC.

The stand-alone mitigation course (for those people who have already completed the 2-day measurement course) is offered over three days, a Wednesday through a Friday, at those times of the year when the university isnot in session so that parking on campus and distractions from college students are minimized. By the way, our mitigation course includes an actual mitigation of a near-by home so that students get true hands-on experience.

If you want to take care of the measurement and the mitigation course all in one sitting, then it is recommended that you sit for the combined measurement/mitigation courses that are offered 3 times a year at the campus. See the schedule for details.